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dubai dominatrix Maya Sin is an internationally renowned Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix with devoted submissives around the globe (Paris, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich, Dubai, abu dhabi, and more in the gulf and Europe). She is widely recognised in the Femdom scene. In 2018, she co-founded the Sin Sisters Dungeon, FIRST FULLY EQUIPPED BDSM PLAY-SPACE in NORTHERN Poland with Melisande Sin. She also owns her own Femdom film and clip production as well as digital marketing agency for SW's SEXY SOLUTIONS. Maya Sin is a regular guest Dominatrix at the Der Femdom studio in Zurich, Switzerland.
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My approach

I am both a Lifestyle & Professional Dominatrix. This means that my approach to Dominance and submission expands beyond the play-room. Serving me is an all-encompassing, long-term commitment. Moreover, Power play, leadership and the study of human behaviour are what interests me. I have a background in Clinical Psychology and my education in the field has supplied me with valuable knowledge to comprehend and manipulate human behaviour. I derive satisfaction from confronting you with yourself, with psychological, emotional  and verbal humiliation, as well as strict methods of discipline (e.g. routine implementation, orders, chastity training, pegging, corporal punishment…to name a few). 

Guys Don't Have To Be In Charge

Article by Maya Sin, commissioned by

As a Dominatrix, I aim to set men free when they feel pressured to fit a masculine mould. Not only do I want to give them the chance to express themselves fully, as they truly are, but also realise that doing so will not have any fatal consequences on their lives. Together, we explore vulnerability, power and roles in a safe environment to allow them to embrace their identity, beyond the threat of being different.

Submitting Will Make You Stronger

When one submits, they entrust the Dominant party with all the control and offering them the precious gift of their vulnerability should be welcomed with the healthiest intentions on the other side. Dropping one’s mask, is a source of liberation and a vector of acceptance. Take pegging for example: a man might need a break from the standards that society has dictated. He might not always wish to physically dominate and “perform” in bed. He might also want to explore anal sensations, which in mainstream culture, tend to be reserved for women. To experience penetration as a man means letting go of societal codes and feeling free to be oneself beyond these codes. Being penetrated by a woman who loves or just cares about you means that she not only acknowledges but also honours your identity. As a Dominant woman, I find it a sign of true strength for a man to gift me his vulnerability in such a way. It means a lot to me that he has no issue with challenging gender roles, and offering me his submission. Besides the evident physical connection, I feel spiritually connected to my pegging partners, and they do too apparently.

Oh, You Can't help Yourself? It's Time for the Chastity Belt

Just like in any other relationship, caring and striving to be good for each other is essential in BDSM. As a Dominant, I like to encourage my submissives to become more self-aware and get hold of whatever destructive, or simply nonconstructive habit that is holding them back from becoming their best selves. My favourite instrument to do that is humiliation. I enjoy humiliating my submissives about their inherently masculine lack of sexual control, their slavery to their own sexuality, with chastity training. I do certainly mock them for being pathetically obsessed with sex and make them wear a chastity device as a result. At the same time, I also combine their chastity training with Taoist exercises to teach them to regain control over their sexuality and achieve “sexual discipline”. By mostly performing various types of genital contractions, they learn to control their genitals and sexual organs in order to contain their ejaculation. I also teach them to sublimate the resulting surplus of sexual energy into Chi energy, and use my power over them to foster their personal growth. In turn, they are grateful for being controlled by a woman who also has their interest at heart, which further builds their trust in me.

You Are Still In Charge

It might seem like the Dominant must be the one taking on the caring role but the submissive ought to do the same. My submissives trust me as their “leader” and I trust them for being attentive to my needs (both kinky and non-sexual) and taking the initiative to honour them. This mutual trust is what feels so special in our relationship. For instance, I have a kink for protocol and being greeted by my submissives with kneeling and a boot/shoe/foot kiss. They obviously are all aware and will perform this gesture even if I happen to forget because I am too busy dealing with something else when they arrive at my place for example. I also wear a lot of latex and my submissives know exactly how to care for it. Once again, they will usually be the ones remembering to do so after I have worn it during a shoot or a play session, which will save me the brainpower to remember and the time to clean it myself.

Male submission is an opportunity for men to be themselves, in their entirety. Conforming with gender roles can be reductive. It might not leave much space for anything existing outside of their confines. Experimenting with these roles, whether merely just by playing with them in the bedroom or extending power exchange beyond it, could teach one much about themselves and their deepest needs.

My films

Take a peek into my world and watch me play with my submissives in my films. I have put great passion into giving life to all my kinky ideas with French erotic film maker Deck Mara, but also with world famous Dominatrices such as Mistress Bella Lugosi from Berlin, Mistress Patricia from London, Mistress Tess from England, Mistresses Melisande Sin and Healah Sin and Lady Perse from Poland. To view my films, click on the icons below to reach my clip stores or subscribe to my Onlyfans and get access to many of my films available on my clips stores, at a discounted price.

Kink Interests And Skills

  • Anal play: Pegging, prostate play, fisting, toys of all sizes

  • Bondage and Immobilisation: rope bondage and rope suspension, mummification, restraints, gags

  • CBT: genital torture, wax, ball stretchers, ball weights, clamps, ball crushers, ballbusting (kicking, hitting, smacking)

  • Chastity Training: chastity key holding, large variety of chastity devices

  • Coerced-bi fantasies: interact with another man on my command, for my pleasure

  • Edge-Play: breath play

  • Electric play: electric power box, electric sounds, electric butt plugs

  • Financial Domination: cash meets, wallet "drains", financial management 

  • Humiliation: verbal humiliation, psychological/emotional humiliation, dehumanisation, objectification, human furniture, degradation, spitting

  • Impact Play: paddling, caning, spanking, riding crop, whipping, flogging

  • Medical: urethral sounding, needles, catheters, enema

  • Orgasm control and denial: tease & denial, milking machine

  • Pet play: dog and pony training

  • Worship: feet, high heels, boots, stockings, latex, facesitting

  • Sensory Deprivation: masks, hoods, latex encasement, blindfolds

  • Slave training: orders, routine implementation, tasks, behavioural modification


  • Anything unsafe or illegal

  • Playing without a safeword

  • Vomit

  • Demands or any kind of outfit requests (I am not a doll for you to dress)

  • Scripting scenarios

  • Vulgar language

  • Carrying out a session naked. This is strictly CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male). 

  • Escort services 

Equipment and Furniture Available in Dubai

Fucking machine, Sybian machine, Fetters sling, Dildos and strap-ons, inflatables, butt plugs, silicone toys, large variety of fisting gloves

Bondage bed, restraints, ropes, spreader bars, latex body bag 

Electro butt plug, electric urethral sounds, electric powerboxes

Bullwhips, horsewhips, floggers, canes, tawses, riding crops

Latex hoods, latex body bag, blindfolds, breath play hoods, gas masks

Urethral sounds, urethral stretchers, catheters, needles, cock rings, Whartenberg pinwheels, large variety of clamps and nipple weights

Serious Kit Milking machine (only available for extended play)

Luxury Koko Von Knebbel® Swarovski® crystal and leather leashes and collars, electric shock collar, dog masks

Hot wax

Notes before filling in


  • Before you fill in this form, make sure to read my website properly. I do not like my time to be wasted. 
  • I am a Classical Dominatrix, not a Fetish Model who caters for your demands. I do not honour outfit requests and scripted scenarios. Submitting is about letting go, under the guidance of a capable Mistress. If you are not ready to surrender, I am not the Dominatrix for you. 
  • If after reading my website, you believe that you could make a suitable candidate to serve me, go ahead and fill in this form.
  • Be honest and respectful
  • If your kink(s) are not listed on my website, you may still mention it(them) in your application. I am open to new practices, as long as they do not belong to any of the categories listed in my taboos
  • I am based in Dubai and visit Zurich once a month. Only apply to serve me in these two cities, only on the dates I am present. 
  • The only requests that I accept outside of Dubai and Zurich are Fly Me To You.
    Unless you are applying for a Fly Me To You, do not request to meet me in any other location than Dubai or Zurich.
  • Outside of the kink scene, I am a young and ambitious entrepreneur running multiple businesses and travelling. This means that my availability is always very limited, and I will always prioritise my schedule. 
  • A deposit and a professional reference are always required.
  • Deposits are strictly non-refundable, unless you have a very good reason not to attend. I invest time and effort in arranging our time spent together. 
  • Regarding the current world health situation, It goes without saying that I expect irreproachable hygiene from you. I conduct a PCR test at least twice per week. 
  • Discretion is first on my priority list. All information shared between you and me remains confidential

Friends available in Dubai

Zoe noir

Zoe Noir (Until January)

Zoe Noir

London Dominatrix & Alpha Female. Highly-skilled.

Domina Katharina Dec 17 - Jan 3

International Dominatrix from Berlin - classically trained in Cologne

Domina Katharina Dec 17 - Jan 3

International Dominatrix from Berlin - classically trained in Cologne

Melisande Sin Jan 23 - 29

International Dominatrix from Poland - founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon and Production

Melisande Sin Jan 23 - 29

International Dominatrix from Poland. Founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon and Production

Queen Kali Rain

International Professional & Lifestyle Asian Dominatrix, with over 8 years of experience around the world

Queen Kali Rain

International Professional & Lifestyle Asian Dominatrix with over 8 years of experience around the world.
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