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Dominatrix Dubai
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Dubai Dominatrix | Maya Sin
Dubai Dominatrix | Maya Sin is an internationally renowned professional and lifestyle dominatrix with devoted submissives around the globe (Paris, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and more in the Gulf and Europe). She is widely recognised in the femdom scene. In 2018, she co-founded the Sin Sisters dungeon, first fully equipped bdsm play-space in northern Poland with Melisande Sin. She also owns her own femdom film and clip production as well as digital marketing agency for sw's sexy solutions. Maya Sin is a regular guest dominatrix at the der femdom studio in Zurich, Switzerland.
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In Person
I am Mistress Maya Sin and Dominance is an inherent part of my being. I surround myself with men who surrender mindfully to honour my needs. If you go the extra mile to find out more about me (read my website, analyse my social media and private fan page), I will notice you. Note that I prioritise long-term arrangements, with power exchange, to a degree that is proportional to what your vanilla obligations allow. In parallel, I will always strive to push your boundaries…
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...I am primarily based in Dubai. I also visit Zurich regularly. Therefore I will always prioritise requests in Dubai and Zurich. The only requests that I accept outside of these two cities are Fly Me To You requests. Note that I live a rather nomadic lifestyle - I have lived in 6 countries over the past 7 years. If a destination appeals to me, I will happily travel to you, for a minimum of 48 hours. My flights, 5-star hotel accommodation and fee must be covered in full. A deposit and reference are always required.
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Kink Interests And Skills

  • Anal play: Pegging, prostate play, fisting, toys of all sizes

  • Bondage and Immobilisation: rope bondage and rope suspension, mummification, restraints, gags

  • CBT: genital torture, wax, ball stretchers, ball weights, clamps, ball crushers, ballbusting (kicking, hitting, smacking)

  • Chastity Training: chastity key holding, large variety of chastity devices

  • Coerced-bi fantasies: interact with another man on my command, for my pleasure

  • Edge-Play: breath play

  • Electric play: electric power box, electric sounds, electric butt plugs

  • Financial Domination: cash meets, wallet "drains", financial management 

  • Humiliation: verbal humiliation, psychological/emotional humiliation, dehumanisation, objectification, human furniture, degradation, spitting

  • Impact Play: paddling, caning, spanking, riding crop, whipping, flogging

  • Medical: urethral sounding, needles, catheters, enema

  • Orgasm control and denial: tease & denial, milking machine

  • Pet play: dog and pony training

  • Worship: feet, high heels, boots, stockings, latex, facesitting

  • Sensory Deprivation: masks, hoods, latex encasement, blindfolds

  • Slave training: orders, routine implementation, tasks, behavioural modification


  • Anything unsafe or illegal

  • Playing without a safeword

  • Vomit

  • Demands or any kind of outfit requests (I am not a doll for you to dress)

  • Scripting scenarios

  • Vulgar language

  • Carrying out a session naked. This is strictly CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male). 

  • Escort services 

Equipment and Furniture Available in Dubai

Fucking machine, Sybian machine, Fetters sling, Dildos and strap-ons, inflatables, butt plugs, silicone toys, large variety of fisting gloves

Bondage bed, restraints, ropes, spreader bars, latex body bag 

Electro butt plug, electric urethral sounds, electric powerboxes

Bullwhips, horsewhips, floggers, canes, tawses, riding crops

Latex hoods, latex body bag, blindfolds, breath play hoods, gas masks

Urethral sounds, urethral stretchers, catheters, needles, cock rings, Whartenberg pinwheels, large variety of clamps and nipple weights

Serious Kit Milking machine (only available for extended play)

Luxury Koko Von Knebbel® Swarovski® crystal and leather leashes and collars, electric shock collar, dog masks

Hot wax

Apply to serve

  • Tell me about your level of experience, your interests and fantasies but also your limits, if you know them already.
  • I don't expect anyone to fall into mindless submission for me. Get to know me first (read my website and go to my Onlyfans) and pick out a piece of content that made you want to submit to me, specifically.
  • As I will be responsible for you during our time spent together, it is of the utmost importance that you answer this question honestly.
  • Tell me more about your vanilla self. Who are you outside of the kinky world?
  • Please provide references.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Friends available in Dubai

Abby Joansen

Scandinavian, International Kinky companion, switch - with a preference for submitting - & role-play expert

Abby Joansen

Scandinavian, International Kinky companion, switch - with a preference for submitting - & role-play expert

Melisande Sin

International Dominatrix from Poland - founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon and Production

Melisande Sin

International Dominatrix from Poland. Founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon and Production

Queen Kali Rain

International Professional & Lifestyle Asian Dominatrix, with over 8 years of experience around the world

Queen Kali Rain

International Professional & Lifestyle Asian Dominatrix with over 8 years of experience around the world.
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